A whole new way to watch, share and interact with television.
The Tivvy team asked us to create a new product experience that would allow consumers to leverage their innovative technology which records all TV programming in real time then stores in it the cloud.
Right Tools for the Job
At MAG7, we follow a process grounded in UX fundamentals using a robust toolkit of design methodologies, but within this framework we customize and tailor our approach based on the context of a given project.

For some projects it is appropriate to bring to bear the full set of our capabilities so that we can develop a product strategy and deliver product design solutions that map directly to the functional and emotional needs of the target audience. We conduct user research to help us better understand our audience and stakeholder interviews to help us become fluent with our clients business goals. We would take the time for activities like task analysis, use cases and mental models. Their would also be a robust design implementation to map out the user experience with high fidelity wireframes and a detailed functional specs, and we would codify the product's visual design language with pixel perfect design mocks and design specs, and we would create a detailed style guide. Finally we would validate all of our design solutions with a robust series of user testing.

However, not all projects have the time or budget to apply this much rigor to the design of their product. For Tivvy we only had three weeks to find and deliver a design solution. So we applied a much leaner design process.

  • On the first day we met with the Tivvy team to understand their business, their technology, their target audience, and the legal complexities of the copyright laws they need to comply with.
  • On day two, we conducted a series of collaborative sketching sessions to explore a wide range of ideas and then to build consensus around the a core concept for the product and user experience.
  • By day three, we were off to the races building an interactive prototype.
  • By the end of the week, we had the core experience fleshed out and an interactive prototype that everyone on the team could use on their phones.
  • We spent the second week having nearly daily reviews and working sessions with the team to iterate on the experience and get it to a place that felt just right.
  • During the last week of the project we applied visual design to the prototype and fine tuned all of the user interactions.

Our deep understanding of UX fundamentals coupled with our experience with many different metholodogies allowed our process to be flexible and fit the specific needs of the Tivvy project.

Watch, Tap, Share
With the right process in place, we were able to collaborate with the Tivvy team to create a meaningful and useful consumer experience that best leverages their powerful technology. Being able to play back and share full length episodes would have been fraught with copyright compliance issues. So after our sketching session, the team landed on the concept of an app that would make it super easy for users to share television moments with their social networks as their watching their favorite shows.

In one of our use cases, a user is watching their favorite football team and the ref makes a bad call. They want to share their frustration along with an instant replay with their friends. To do this, they simply point their phone at the TV, and the powerful Tivvy technology indentifies the show they are watching. Then they trim the video, type a quick comment and easily share it across any of their social networks.

Working with these types of disruptive technologies to invent new ways of doing things is one our passions. Working with the Tivvy team create a whole new way of watching television was great experience..

Let's create something great together.