Brent Canfield

Brent is the Experience Design leader specializing in design strategy, architecture, and interface design. His foundational experiences include leading digital product design at major consumer internet firm, leading the user experience design capability major digital marketing agency, and most recently, founding a UX-driven product design firm. Because his UX design expertise is bolstered by a command of product management and development, I am able to generate big ideas and bring them to market. He spent the first part of his career mastering how to design, and the second figuring out what should be designed and why. Because his unique set of experiences has taught him to go from left-brain to right-brain at the drop of a dime, he’s a visionary who can also deliver time-to-market rigor, and fiscal discipline.

James Canfield

James provides the vision for our user experience design. Prior to founding MAG7, James was the Vice President of Design & User Experience at Discovery Communications where he led the design strategy for all of the the digital media properties and products in Discovery's portfolio of brands, including Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet and Petfinder.

Prior to Discovery, James spent over twelve years at AOL where he held the position of Director of Product Design. While at AOL he lead the design of AOL's consumer applications, including, AOL Mail, Search and AIM.

James' greatest passion is to use design to solve problems for consumers. By developing an understanding of consumer's functional and emotional needs, he is able to create highly useful consumer experiences, and in doing so, create value for businesses.

Elisa Nader

Hi. I'm Elisa. I like cheese and fonts and reading and TV show marathons and UX. I'm an Aquarius. Uh... let's see... I'm not very good at writing my own biography. Or autobiography. I guess this is reading more like a slightly incoherent personal ad.

Brian Harris

With over 13 years of creative problem solving for media company Discovery Communications, home to some of the most well known television brands — Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Military Channel, amongst others — Brian is well poised to bring expert art direction, well crafted design solutions, and detail oriented project management and delivery to your premier brands and clients.

While principally working in the areas of web, mobile, and interactive experiences, he also has over a decade of practical solution driven design expertise across a variety of project types, from annual reports, catalogs, corporate ID, packaging and advertising, working with clients from private industry, non-profit and government.

With a BFA in Visual Communication from Maryland Institute College of Art, he was exposed to a cross discipline education that involved a grounding in fine art as well as typography and graphic design. While staying engaged with the current design landscape, tools and methods, he relies on intuition and a thoughtful pragmatism to provide design solutions, not design dogma.

Vishal Iyer

Vishal helps create powerful brands by building software products that customers love.

Coming from a diverse background, Vishal believes there is much to gain from effective cross-discipline interaction. He collaborates closely with business, design and technology teams to ship products in an iterative, continuous deployment (learning) environment.

Vishal is particularly interested in the intersection of business and user experience— some of his best work has involved utilizing the product to make a meaningful impact on the business.

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca started her career as a digital marketing strategist, tactical planner, and over all digital enthusiast. Because of her innovative and UX-driven strategies, she was selected as a candidate for UX training and mentorship. Rebecca took to UX strategy and UX design like a fish to water. Drawing on her digital marketing strategy background create innovative products, programs and experiences that drive business outcomes. Currently she is helping organizations like AARP and publishing units like TIME Inc. make the transition in the digital age. Her work on TIME Inc. in particular, is representative of her particular combination of strategic and design skills. How do you help a major content publisher, with its heritage in print, reinvent itself? The answers lies at that confluence of strategy and design that Rebecca has mastered like no other person we’ve worked with.

Michael Madgett

Michael specializes in digital product development and cloud solutions. As an entrepreneur, platform engineer and architect, he is fluent in many types of programming languages, technology platforms, and he is especially adept at engineering cloud solutions, mobile software applications, web applications, and rich media products. He has served as the Chief Technology Officer for several startups and has co-founded several mobile app startup companies. As engineers progress in proficiency, the talented can graduate to technical architects. They can tell you what technologies to use, why, and how these technologies should be implemented and integrated. Michael is the best architect we’ve ever worked with. At the same time, Michael continues to innovate with cutting edge presentation layer code. Finally, and critically, Michael can explain the pros, cons, trade-offs, and cost-to-benefit ratios of his recommended architectures in a way that marketers, designers, and business people can understand and act on. This combination of software development proficiency, mastery of technical architectures, and the ability to tie all of this back to business and design considerations makes Michael a great fit for our team.

Joshua Scott

Joshua has a passion for storytelling in all digital mediums. An experienced Art Director, Interactive Designer & Illustrator, he brings over 15 years of experience working at top digital agencies for clients such as Audi, Johnson & Johnson, Hasbro, Discovery Channel, Time Warner Cable, Dreamworks & Marvel. He excels concepting multi-faceted advertising campaigns, managing other designers, or producing exquisite designs himself. Mr. Scott has won numerous ADDYs, WEBBYs, and has been nominated for a Clio, twice. Always going the extra mile to produce exceptional work, Josh is a joy to work with & his clients usually fight over him. What sets him apart is his passion, versatility, and the prospect of pushing the boundaries of exciting new interactive mediums that evolve every day.

RP Shaub

RP has over 15 years experience creating innovative UX solutions for Web, mobile and application platforms. His experience covers the range of the UX spectrum with time spent in visual and interface design, business analysis, user research, digital strategy and product management.

He has spent time working with leaders in technology, including Washington Post, Marriott, Discovery, Revolution, AARP and K12. His passion is finding innovative solutions to complex challenges, and making them intuitive, engaging and effective.

With a background in fine arts and a history in business, RP understands what it means to strategize, design and execute with your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. He is currently focused on strategies and interface designs that deliver measurable value to business powerful products to consumers.

Montri Nuchnang

As a Product Experience Designer and Strategist, Montri is responsible for crafting beautiful experiences that focuses on the emotional connections between users and products. He’s genuinely passionate and curious about design and the art of storytelling. Montri pushes boundaries in his work through research, creative thinking, and scalable principles to create innovative tools that drive customer satisfaction and delight. 

Kaitlin Colunga

Kaitlin Colunga is an experienced product designer and principal designer with Mag7. She studied graphic design and has since evolved and grown into numerous different facets. She began her career at a PR firm learning web design, branding, strategy, and front end development. She then continued on to explore the worlds of marketing, optimization, user experience, and finally product design. She has taken pieces of each with her and uses her diverse background to guide her work today. She is a problem solver both in and out of her work and believes in beautiful, functional design. 

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