Live Bold Live Now
A series of inspiring stories told in an immersive, rich media experience
For Remedy Health Media we created a series of truly inspiring stories told by real patients persevering in spite of serious conditions like psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and crohn's disease. These autobiographical stories are told using a rich mix of video, audio, illustrations, photography and text to create an immersive storytelling experience.
Defining success
As with all of our projects, it is important everyone on the team understands what success looks like. Our partners at Remedy were interested in the storytelling formats seen in The New York Time's piece Snow Fall as well as The Guardian UK's Firestorm, but we needed to create a format that worked in well in the context of Rermedy's brand, business, and audience. To do this we established the following goals:
  • Deliver on Remedy's brand promise of Real People, Real Projects, Real Solutions
  • Create a compelling experience that is both respectful to the storyteller and to the advertiser
  • Tell stories with broad appeal about overcoming adversity and finding what's important in life
  • Create a platform that can be reused to tell many stories
Storytelling is as old as time
While the art of storytelling is as old as time, there are aspects of interactive storytelling that need to be accounted as we designed this product. With interactive stories we don't have the benefit of hand gestures, tone of voice, or body language to advance our stories. Instead, the user has control of the story pacing, As such, interactive storytelling thrives on structure that allows users to quickly orient themselves with the content and engage with the story. All stories needed to share a common interaction and design language.
A little UI, a lot of control
From the beginning, it was very important that our design should never get in the way of the stories. For this reason, we wanted a single interaction method to path through the story, rather than having many different interaction patterns for different media types. We wanted the design to recede into the background, so that content of the story was front and center. Everything design decision we made was to support the narrative of each story.
Not only looks great but works well
A lot of consideration was made to ensure the stories looked great and worked well across many different devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile) and across many different browsers including those that have poor support for HTML5. Our rock star dev team invested much care to make sure browser and bandwidth performance issues were never visible to the user and to create a product that is truly device agnostic.
Great partners
While MAG7 was responsible for the UX, design, illustrations, architecture and development, Live Bold Live now was a highly collaborative project with both the Remedy teams and the video production companies (Coup Entertainment & Henninger Media Services). Without these great partners, the project would not have been such a huge success.
Let's create something great together.